Septic Tank Cleaning Services in Raleigh, NC

For over a decade, Forever Clean has been serving the septic tank cleaning needs of homeowners and businesses in Raleigh, NC and throughout the Triangle area. We’re well known in our region as one of the leading and most dependable septic tank cleaning services, and our track record speaks for itself. With an unmatched dedication to customer service and top-level septic cleaning, Forever Clean is your partner for all of your septic tank requirements.

At Forever Clean, we ensure the proper steps are taken to give your septic tank the most thorough cleaning possible. Here’s what you can expect from our professional septic tank cleaning teams:

Locating and Exposing Septic Tank Lid(s)

Some septic lids are harder to find than others. If this is true of your septic system, our service professionals will locate it using the necessary equipment. Once we find your septic lids, we’ll use a shovel or excavator to expose them. Due to corrosion or a flaw in structural integrity, lids may occasionally break. In this case, our service professionals can easily replace them.
Take note that the age of your septic system will determine whether you have one or two lids. If two lids are present, both will need to be opened to ensure proper cleaning is performed on each side of your tank.

Cleaning the Tank

The right way to conduct a proper septic tank cleaning involves removing all of the liquid and compacted sludge or solids that have built up from the tank. To do this, we employ a process called backflushing. Backflushing ensures that even the most stubborn build-up is removed. The walls of your tank are then sprayed down with fresh water to give your system a comprehensive cleaning.

Post-Clean Inspection

After your cleaning, our technician will examine the inside of your tank and notify you of any signs of structural damage that may need to be addressed. On average, septic tank cleanings should occur every two to three years to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Get in touch with the pros at Forever Clean to schedule your service or get a quote for your next septic tank cleaning.