Emergency Septic Services

Whether you need assistance with a clogged drain or a sewage backup, our septic professionals can help. Forever Clean is a fully licensed and insured septic system service provider with over a decade of experience in serving our community.

We understand that septic services don’t always break down on a schedule that works for you. And when a problem happens, you can’t afford to wait to get it fixed. Contact Forever Clean for your emergency septic or drain services and we’ll send our team to diagnose your problem fast and efficiently. Once we’ve discovered the issue, our service professionals will get to work on the necessary repairs and make sure to remove any waste product.

At Forever Clean, we take the guesswork out of septic emergencies with our advanced equipment and expert knowledge. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of services including septic and drain pumping, cleaning and emptying, in addition to replacement and repair, depending on what your emergency calls for.

Not sure if you are experiencing a genuine septic failure? We can help you figure out when you need to hire emergency services. Here are a few common septic emergencies to be on the lookout for:

Sewage Backup

This one is easy to spot. It might be even easier to smell. Do you notice a foul odor coming from your shower, sinks, and toilets? Is there black-liquid accumulating in sinks or toilets? How about more than one drain running slowly in the house? These are all warning signs that point to a septic system backup.

Drainfield Pooling

Another telltale sign that you have a septic emergency on your hands is drainfield pooling. If you notice water seeping out around the drainfield, it is usually a sign that the tank is full, and some type of clog is preventing wastewater from being properly processed. When you see this, you’ll want to call for emergency services immediately. Otherwise, the wastewater could end up contaminating your yard, and the groundwater.

Nitrate Heavy Well Water

When having your well water tested, if you notice high levels of nitrates, it can be an indication that something is wrong with your septic system. Higher amounts of nitrates can be caused by an overly full tank that begins leeching into the soil and groundwater. This can pose health problems and should be quickly addressed to prevent anyone from getting sick.

Alarms Sounding

Some septic systems come equipped with an alarm that will sound if the system has a failure. Things like a clogged filter, line breaks, and pump leakage can be caused by root intrusion, shifting of the ground or a home in need of larger lines. Stop all water use and contact a septic professional to help troubleshoot.

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If you’re experiencing a septic tank problem or in need of drain cleaning in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Fuquay-Varina, or throughout the Triangle area —you can count on Forever Clean for all of your emergency needs. Our use of remote camera equipment allows us to accurately diagnose your drainage problem the first time, something our competitors can’t do. For expert drain cleaning service and septic emergencies contact our team at Forever Clean.