Top Considerations for Renting a Dumpster

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Whenever you need to clear out all your old stuff or have a truckload of debris after a construction project, renting a local dumpster can be a real time saver. A dumpster service will help you to dispose of all that stuff at once, which is a lot better than having to haul your items one by one.

However, not every rent-a-dumpster service is created equal. We put together a list of five helpful things you need to consider before you contact your local dumpster rental service.

Acceptable Types of Trash

Before you book an appointment with your local dumpster rental, it helps to know your trash. This is in addition to knowing the types of garbage your rental dumpster can accept. Ask your dumpster service provider for a list of stuff that they take, as well as which items aren’t allowed. You’ll be charged more if you insist on putting prohibited things in a dumpster unless you informed them beforehand.

Many dumpster rentals will readily accept most stuff that is recyclable, such as broken furniture, plastic and metal item. Construction debris including wood, yard waste, carpeting, wires, flooring and roofing materials are also acceptable. However, they might require you to pay an extra amount for hauling of demolition scraps containing hazardous materials like asbestos.

There are also some items that might cost you extra. These include things like old mattresses, sofas, tires, and heavy appliances. Hazardous wastes, however, must have a separate permit, depending on where you live.


Find out what’s in your local town regulations if this is your first time renting a dumpster. Often, your local dumpster rental provider will be the one to process and provide these local permits.

Prohibited items that might require a local permit before hauling include car batteries, automotive oils, paints, light bulbs, pesticides, refrigerators, air-conditioners, hospital/veterinary wastes, laboratory chemicals, and even computers. Check the rules with your dumpster rental company if you’re trying to get rid of this kind of trash.

Dumpster Size

The size of your dumpster will depend on the volume of your debris. Not every dumpster company is created equal. Some may have standard-size dumpsters on hand, but might not have smaller-sized containers for condominium and urban house owners. Likewise, not all local dumpster rentals can accommodate large-scale trash.

Dumpster sizes begin at 10 yards and can be as big as 30 yards. Some companies offer bag-type disposable dumpsters that can even fit in narrow building corridors. Be sure to size up your trash, as well as your available parking space, before you rent a dumpster.


Check with your local provider for the availability of your preferred dumpster size. Your local dumpster might advertise that they have a specific size, but it might not be available in your area. As the cost of unit transportation is often included in your fees, it will cost you extra to have them bring your preferred dumpster size from another location.

Dumpster Rental Fees

Dumpster fees vary from state to state. It will also depend on the size of the dumpster as well as the types of your waste. Your local dumpster rental might charge you an additional fee for excess weight or volume. Undeclared hazardous and prohibited wastes can also cost you a hefty price tag.

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