5 Reasons You Should Pick a Flushable Toilet Rental

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While the topic of porta potty rental may not be the most glamorous part of planning your next event, it deserves your attention.

Clean portable restrooms deliver several major benefits to any event — need convincing? Take a look at our list of the top five reasons you should choose a flushable porta potty for your next gathering.

1. Image Matters

We’re not saying image is everything, but in the days of Pinterest, you’ve surely given some thought to how you want your event to look and feel. You know what can ruin an otherwise picturesque outdoor wedding? A gross bathroom.

You want your guests to have a perfect experience and to have access to clean portable restrooms is just the thing to ensure they do! No one likes the idea of having to use a dirty or unsightly bathroom.

At Forever Clean we offer an array of modern porta potty rentals that come in neutral colors. This makes our rentals blend in easily with any event’s décor.

2. Smell Begone

Have you ever been to an event enjoying yourself with great food is great, lively and then you get hit with the sudden stench of sewer? Not good. What is good, is this scenario is completely avoidable when you order a flushable portable toilet for your guests’ bathroom needs. No need to put guests through a subpar porta potty experience. Our units offer climate control and highly efficient ventilation so that odor won’t be an issue.

3. Avoid Home Bathroom Back-ups

If your event is being held at a private home then renting clean, portable restrooms is a must! Between the catering staff and event set-up, you’ll likely have a lot of people going in and out of the residence. One way to lessen foot traffic, and the possibility of a disastrous bathroom clog, is to make certain you have plenty of flushable portable toilets on the premises. Not to mention the added peace of mind you’ll get knowing strangers won’t be traipsing through your home looking for the bathroom.

4. Keep the Party Going

Nothing stalls a great party vibe like long bathroom lines. Fear not, with a little pre-planning these roadblocks to a good time can be easily sidestepped.

There are various factors that party planners should consider when deciding on how best to take care of their guests’ sanitation needs. For starters, how long will your event last? The length of time of an event is expected to last will help give organizers an accurate read on how much the restroom facilities will be used. From there, consider whether alcohol will be served. If the answer is yes, plan on guests using bathrooms more frequently, which can lead to lines forming.

How do you ensure your guests are comfortable and content for the long-haul? Placement is key. Porta potty rentals should be placed far enough away from high-traffic areas like where food will be served but not too far from where guests will be seated, so no long-distance travel is required to use the restrooms.

5. No Clean-Up Required

Arguably the worst part of throwing a party or planned event is tackling the clean-up afterward. With Forever Clean portable restrooms, we take care of the hassle for you. We offer set-up and delivery to your event site as well as pickup and removal for a total site clean-up guarantee.

Planning for your next event means having your work cut out for you! Let our team at Forever Clean take the guesswork out of your portable sanitation needs. Give us a call today at 919-552-0200 or request a free quote.

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